Train the Trainer/COACH


The purpose of this course is to give insight in the training and coaching principles. It is important for the line supervisor to be able to determine the level of competency of his subordinates and to implement the different training interventions to his disposal.

The course will focus on the training cycle of adult training and the roles of the first line supervisor regarding the training and development of his subordinates. Emphasis will be place on the coaching approach as it can be utilized effectively as a dynamic instrument to improve the performance of the employee in a daily working environment.

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to provide the attendee with the insight and knowledge to:

  • Understand the adult training cycle and principles and manage the training and competence of his subordinates.
  • Know what is coaching?
  • Know and understand the principles and techniques of coaching.
  • Apply the coaching techniques and principles in a practical situation.

Target Audience

Foremen, Shift Bosses, Supervisors and First Line Managers.

Course Contents

  • The adult training cycle and principles
  • What is coaching?
  • Principles and techniques of coaching
  • Practical Coaching Evaluation

Duration – 5 Days

Pre-Requisition – None

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