Expectra OBM™ Workshops

Please join us for a very informative and enjoyable workshop on Occupational Behavior Modification. (OBM)

All Workshops will be facilitated upon request.

Organisational Behaviour Modification (OBM) is one of the most powerful tools universally used to change behaviour at individual, group or organisational level. It can also be effectively used to address the on-going incidents in South African mining and high risk industries specifically that preclude us from aligning our safety standards with those of other mining economies and high risk industries in the industrialised world. We need to reach Zero-Harm, or close to it, by 2013 and we believe OBM is the way to go.

The overwhelming source of all industrial accidents world-wide is humanbehaviour and it is probable that 80 to 90 percent of accidents leading to death and injury in South African mines and high risk industries are caused by misbehaviours. These involved non-compliance with the safety regulations, high levels of risk-taking and many other factors that endanger the lives of personnel on a daily basis.

Cost is R1295-00 per person (excluding VAT) but including the OBM Textbook book Terra Firmer.

Please contact Arrie on 012 347 5163 or 082 464 9195 to book your space


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