Expectra OBM™

Expectra OBM™: Organisational Behaviour Modification – A globally aligned approach to safety

1. Organisational Behaviour Modification (OBM) is one of the most powerful tools universally used to change behaviour at individual, group or organisational level. It can also be effectively used to address the on-going incidents in South Africa that preclude us from aligning our safety standards with those best practises of other economies in the industrialised world.

2. The overwhelming source of all industrial accidents world-wide is human behaviour and it is probable that 80 to 90 percent of accidents leading to death and injury in most industries are caused by human error. These may have many different forms, and whether it ranges from non-compliance with the safety regulations, high levels of risk-taking or even negligence, these factors endanger the lives of personnel on a daily basis.

The Expectra OBM™ process has been researched, customized and validated for specific application in the South African Industry. Some companies have already embarked on this continuous improvement process using Expectra OBM™ with remarkable results.

4. Expectra OBM™ is based on the principle that sustainable safety requires deeper dedication and commitment to safety goals by organisational leadership, hence covering the integration of the five elements: Organisational Culture,Leadership, Integrated risk, Behaviour and Communication. Expectra OBM™ aims to promote more fluid communication systems in industrial organisations and cultural transformation to promote greater participation at all levels. Reaching these goals, OBM argues, is not simply a safety imperative but essential to business excellence. Safety, in fact, should be normal part of the business process.

5. OBM implies continuous and integrated action for enhanced safety. This reflects the organic unity of leadership, risk, communications and culture required in any organisation to ensure a resilient state of being.


6. The Expectra OBM™ process involves encouraging industrial leaders to invest in safety as one of the normal business performance improvement enablers on a 24/7 basis through systematic and continuous assessment of industrial organisations to determine their maturity level for OBM interventions, improved risk management and more effective techniques for workplace observation, reporting and recognition for positive safety behaviour and organisational learning on a closed out basis.


7. Expectra OBM™ has a raft of tools for diagnosis, organisational improvement and embedment of new behaviours that can be tailored to the specific requirements of industry down to shift level. These include assessments, workshops and training programs carried out by a specialist team blending academic and applied skills on the basis of international best- practice.


8. Expectra OBM™ is simply the most advanced, comprehensive integrated yet logical “back to basics” methodology on continuous improvement currently available that facilitates the development, implementation, and measurement of continuous improvement on any level in the organisation.


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