The Book: Terra Firmer

The Book: Terra Firmer

The Expectra OBM™ process as adapted for South African circumstances is explained in a new book which Expectra is promoting as part of the company’s intention to introduce innovative, and more sophisticated and workable solutions to mine safety in South Africa. It is relevant to the country’s circumstances and draws on international safety best practice.

The book entitled Terra Firmer: Behaviour Modification and Safety in South African Mining Organisations, is written by Lebeaux Mulder.

Expectra’s team of associated professionals also believes that accelerated and sustainable safety up to and after 2013 requires an integrated, continuous and sequential organisational process of change management with human behaviour at its heart.

More about the author

Lebeaux Mulder is a qualified mining Engineer who spent more than 25 years in the underground mining environment. During his production career, he developed a keen interest in the risk and safety management discipline, especially in the mining industry, and after obtaining his AEP at the University Of South Africa (UNISA), he joined a local safety risk management organization as Principal Consultant.

He was soon promoted General Manager, and later Executive Director respectively of 2 Risk Management Consultancy Companies, which included consultancy, training auditing and implementation of safety systems in different industries. This included both mining and industrial Companies abroad ( in Hong Kong, USA, Latin America, Canada and Australia ) in areas such as mining, forestry, construction, electricity, railways, to name but a few.

He is well travelled, and has participated as guest speaker on the topic of safety risk management in the international arena on numerous occasions. He is currently the managing director of Expectra International, a safety risk management company who specializes in the development and implementation of tailored safety improvement solutions to all high risk industries.

He is the author of the recently released book on safety risk management improvement, Terra Firma: Organizational Behaviour Modification in high risk industries, and part of the new, innovative Expectra OBM™ offering to the market.

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