SHEQ MAN Auditing Technique Course


The common audit process (SHEQ MANä) is fast becoming the worldwide standard for assessing safety performance.  This course is the key to applying SHEQ MANä to evaluate and manage SHEQ risk control systems. For SHEQ risk control professionals from SHEQ MANä licensed organizations, this advanced course is a pre-requisite for designation as an Accredited SHEQ MANä Auditor.  Individuals may apply for licensing to evaluate their organisation’s SHEQ risk systems and apply for official recognition.

Course Objectives

Accredited SHEQ MANä Auditing Techniques provides an overview of risk control concepts and in-depth training in the application of the Risk Management Audit Process. This course is the second step toward the achievement of the SHEQ MANä auditor qualifications and licensing.

Participants will understand and be able to:

Audit system activities that are effective for managing risk and controlling risk.
Conduct themselves in a manner, which is conducive to producing an unbiased and objective SHEQ audit.
Recommend activities, which will provide a basis of continued improvement of SHEQ systems

Target Audience:

Internal Company Auditors

Course Highlights

  • Small group exercises to practice SHEQ MANä auditing, examine records for verification and inspect physical conditions
  • Critical system terminology and requirements
  • Learning to ensure consistency and validity in audits using SHEQ MANä
  • Class discussions of effective implementation strategies

Each participant will receive a SHEQ MANä reference manual, containing critical facts and selected articles, a SHEQ MANä Auditor application and Physical Conditions guide.

Course Content:

  • Personal audit and resource report
  • Introduction to quality management
  • Causes and consequences of incidents
  • Introduction to SHEQ MANä
  • Managing risk exposures as part of integrated
  • Accredited SHEQ MANä auditor licensing risk management
  • Preparing for the audit
  • Measuring and Monitoring Risk Control
  • Auditor demeanor and skills
  • Introduction to EMS
  • In depth overview of all SHEQMANä
  • Auditors Guideline

Duration 5 Days

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