SAMTECH – Safety Management Technical Training Course


This course is all about improving the effectiveness of what we do, not necessarily doing more. Optimization initiatives often means doing more with less, therefore we need to improve the effectiveness of what we do – every action we do has to count and must thus focus on the right issues, pro-actively. In this course we have a dual approach, clarifying the what, but more importantly focusing on how. We ensure the learners understand the principles of managing change practically, with a major focus on their areas of influence rather than just their areas of concern. Focusing on where and what they can have an influence/make a difference and how to improve on it.) The course is therefore structured such that a high focus is maintained on practical continuous improvement and includes many exercises and workshops.

Course Objectives

Learner will be given the insight & knowledge to understand the principles of:

Management in safety management, Managing change, Improving their system effectiveness

Organization culture and continuous improvement, Effective control, Human behaviour

Target Audience

The target population for this course is typical senior supervisor, senior/ middle management and safety professionals who are or will be involved in managing safety in their areas of responsibility.

Course Content

  • Causes and Consequences of Accidents/Incidents
  • Measurement Techniques in Safety Management
  • Basic Safety Risk management
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Transfer of skills and learning/coaching
  • Workplace Rules, Standards and PPE
  • Job and Operation Analysis/PTO/JSA
  • Safety Management Systems and Management Standards
  • Behaviour Based Safety

Outcomes assessment:

  • After every chapter, a learning assessment in the form of a questionnaire is completed by every learner.
  • At the end of the 5 days, a case study is used for the group to develop an action plan to continuously improve the safety of their department/mine/plant/workplace, etc. On successful   completion of the above, everyone is given a certificate.

5 Days


At least 12 months workplace experience
At least NQF level 4
Previous experience in a supervisory
Basic understanding of the HIRAC principles


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