Safe Human Behaviour

Our Safe Human Behaviour Division is Managed by Marius Serfontein.

Marius Serfontein runs Expectra’s Human Risk Management division of Expectra , a leader in occupational health, safety , environmental and quality risk management.

He attained a BMil degree from Stellenbosch University in 1979, completed the Advance Programme Labour Relations (OPAB) at Unisa in 1992, and received his BA Hons (HRD) from RAU in 1996.

Before joining Expectra, Serfontein spent 20 years with Sasol Mining working in the roles of organisational and individual development, as well as risk and safety management.

What is Safe Human Behaviour (SHB)?

The Safe Human Behaviour(SHB) approach in achieving safety improvements is a process of involving workers in defining the ways they are most likely to be injured, seeking their inputs and asking them to observe co-workers in order to determine progress in the reduction of Fatal Behaviours/Fatal Risks.


  • People participate in key aspects of the safety process – it is an employee-driven (all levels) continuous improvement process.
  • Reliance on information (data) gathering.
  • Focus on what people do for safety.
  • Emphasis on making decisions about safety successes and areas for improvement based on data gathered.
  • Inclusion of recognition for safety-related behaviours, instead of just penalties for at-risk behaviours.
  • Make use of a core group of “in-house” leaders who champion the process.
  • Behavioural observations are the key to successful safe human behaviour and are necessary for sustained safety improvements.
  • Safety improvements can be readily assessed by on-site personnel monitoring target behaviours(Fatal Behaviours)
  • Supervisor/Manager involvement, co-operation and supporting of the process.
  • Not just respond when an injury occurs, but to respond before it happens (proactively).
  • Changing behaviour is a partnership, Business leaders start from the top down(behavioural role model) and the Operators participate giving feedback from bottom up(recording & sharing data).
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