Risk Management

Our Risk Management Department is managed by Willem Lombaard.


Willem Lombaard is the manager of the Risk Management Services division of Expectra, a leader in occupational health, safety, environmental and quality risk management.

Willem attained an MSc in Occupational Hygiene from Potchefstroom University, as well as a BSc, Certified Occupational Hygienist, certified by the British Occupational Hygiene Examination Board.

Risk Management Services:

1. Consultancy
2. Integrated Risk Management System

1. Consultancy Services:

  • Baseline Risk assessments
  • Issued Based Risk assessments (Swift, Hazop, Occupational Health, Bow Tie)
  • Continuous Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Aspect Impact Assessments (Env)
  • EMPR’s/EIA
  • Occupational Health Risk Assessments
  • Incident Investigations (RCA)
  • COP development
  • Procedure development

2. Integrated Risk Management System

Risk Management Integration is not only the integration of Safety, Health and Environment Risks (SHE Risks) into one system, but integration of all the SHE Risk activities and initiatives into one focussed risk reducing effort.

Progress along the Safety Risk Management Process Journey requires risk based, integrated risk management initiatives that are future focussed and based on real time management information (Leading Indicators).

Risk Management System Product:

NetBase©Baseline risk assessment tool
NetTask/Prohaz©Task inventory, critical task analysis, procedural hazard and operability assessment
NetIssue©Issue based risk assessment tool for safety risks
NetHealth©Issue based risk assessment tool for health risks
NetSphere©Issue based risk assessment tool for environmental risks
NetStat/Fact©Incident (Accidents, near misses, damage only, occupation    health, injuries) reporter, recorder, root cause analyzer and statistical reports
NetPPE©Manages the issue, stock levels, utilisation and purchase of PPE items
NetSkills©Manages the skills requirements and training needs of the company
NetCon©Manages all statutory mandatory and scheduled inspections, audits and testing to ensure that risks are maintained at acceptable levels
NetManager©Manages risk reduction mitigation and management actions and provide real time management information, monthly weekly reports, actual real time risk profiles and performance statistics

For more information on our Risk Management System, kindly open the following link:

Risk Management – IRMS Info

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