Maturity Assessment

The Expectra OBM™ Process


Step 1: Maturity assessment

Expectra follows a systematic approach in implementing the Expectra OBM™ Process. The first step is to conduct a status analysis done through a maturity assessment. The maturity assessment provides the organisation with information with regards to how well the organisation is doing on each one of the Expectra OBM™ process elements.

Each one of these Expectra OBM™ process elements are supported by a scientifically based process.The maturity assessment aims at reflecting how well the organisation has implemented these processes.

Step 2: Feedback to the organisation

The second step is to provide feedback to the client based on the findings of the maturity assessment. This is done through a scientific report that was created specifically for the organisation and is presented by the expert Expectra OBM™ team.

Step 3: The Safety Improvement Plan

The third step in the implementation of the Expectra OBM™ process is to facilitate a Safety Improvement Plan. This plan is based on all the findings of the organisation’s maturity assessment and will be created by the safety specialists at Expectra.

Step 4: Priorities of action

The fourth and final step will be to determine the priorities for action. The Expectra OBM™ team will provide the feedback on the maturity assessment and based on the information, the organisation, with facilitation from Expectra, will determine the safety focus priorities.

Based on these priorities, interventions will be proposed, implemented and monitored.

Maturity Assessment Methodology

The Maturity Assessment will be conducted through the following methodology:

Quantitative Process:

This process aims to provide the organisation with detailed information and scores on each one of the Expectra OBM™ process elements. It is conducted as a survey, where data is collected in focus groups. A 60% sample on all levels of the organisation will be needed for this process.

Qualitative Process:

This process aims to provide the organisation with the reasons why the above perceptions are manifesting. It is conducted as one-on-one interviews with supervisors, leaders, the safety department and other relevant role players. A 60 % sample from the leaders is needed. One-on-one interviews representative from all the leadership levels. In terms of systems, it will mean that the current systems used will be reviewed and its efficiency will be determined. To conduct this exercise, the Safety Team needs to be available.

Systems Effectiveness Evaluation:

This will involve the evaluation of the current Safety Systems and Processes in use and will include Leadership, Risk, Behavior, Communication and Culture.

Please contact our offices for maturity assessment quotes and more information on the Expectra OBM™ process.

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