Legal Liability – Level 3 Middle / Senior Management


This course is designed to provide an overview of the duties and requirements imposed upon employers as contemplated in the Occupational/Mine Health and Safety Act and the relevant regulations issued there under.

Course Objective

This training Course / Workshop is designed to inform Executive Management of their duties and responsibilities in terms of the Occupational/Mine Health and Safety Act. It will furthermore assist employers in meeting their legal obligations and streamline the effectiveness of their health and safety programmes through improved employee participation and commitment.

Target Audience

Top Management, Appointed 16(1)’s and 16(2)’s and Line Managers

Course Content

  • Introduction to the Act
  • General duties of the employer and employee
  • Extracts from the Regulations
  • Delegation of responsibilities – Statutory Assignments
  • Overview of Health and Safety Representatives/Committees
  • Review of essential documents
  • Liability of Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Overview of the Contractor Management
  • Inspectors, Investigations and Inquires
  • Offences, Penalties and Liability concerns

Duration – 1 Day

Pre-Requisite – None

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