Legal Liability – Level 1 Shop Floor


This training course provides an overview of the duties and responsibilities imposed upon employees as contemplated in the Occupational/Mine Health and Safety Act and the regulations issued there under.

Course Objective

This training course will assist in enforcing health and safety standards, and ensure a continuous compliance and improvement of standards and employee acceptance and commitment to health and safety.

Target Audience

All shop floor employees

Course Content

  • Objectives of the Act
  • General duties of the Employer
  • General duties of the Employee
  • The meaning of Appointments
  • Health and Safety Representatives/Committees
  • Personal contacts, Communication and Safe Behaviour
  • Risk Assessment
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation
  • Powers and Functions of the inspectorate
  • Investigations and Inquiries
  • Offences and Penalties
  • General Legal Liability
  • Overview of the Regulations

Duration – 1 Day

– None

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