Job Safety Analysis (JSA)


The purpose of this course is to provide the attendee with the knowledge and skill to perform a Planned Task Observation in the workplace.

The course will focus on the ensuring the attendee know and understanding the benefits of Planned Task Observations and being able perform an effective Task Observation in his area of responsibility.

Course objective

To allow the delegate to obtain the required knowledge and skills pertaining to:

  • Types of Task Observation
  • The benefits of performing Planned Task Observations
  • The practical steps to perform a Planned Task Observation

Target Audience

Foremen, Shift Bosses, Supervisors and First Line Managers.

Course Contents

  • Definition of Inspections
  • What is a Planned Task Observations?
  • Benefits of Performing Planned Task Observations
  • Guidelines to be a better observer
  • Generic steps in performing a Planned Task Observation
  • Planned Task Observation Practical Evaluation

Duration 3 Days


Understand HIRAC
Understand hazards and risks

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