ISO 9001:2000: Awareness / Understanding (1 Day)

Course Description

ISO 9000 is now the most widely recognized standard for Quality Management. More and more companies in both public and private sectors seek suppliers who have ISO 9000 based quality management systems. It is therefore an area that you cannot afford to ignore. This fast-paced one-day course helps delegates to evaluate the importance of quality standards in securing their future business success. It provides an ideal introduction to the broad topic area of quality standards and certification.

Who should attend?

  • Those deciding whether to implement quality management systems in their organization
  • Those looking to understand the benefits of quality management for their organization
  • Those starting a career in quality management.
  • SHEQ/ Safety officers who needs information regarding integration

Benefit to Your Business

Each component of this course will bring competitive benefits to your organization. Delegates are given an understanding of the relevance of quality standards to industry in general, and to their own organization in particular. Establishing and maintaining quality standards is the best way to boost customer loyalty and attract new business.

Course Structure

The course delivers specific information on topics including:

  • How to define quality
  • The development of quality system standards
  • The structure of the ISO 9000 series
  • A clause by clause discussion of ISO 9001
  • The importance of documentation
  • Assessment and certification procedures.

Duration 1 Day

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