IRM – Integrated Risk Management Workshop for Senior Management


Safety is a line management function, and although this cliché is still widely used, very few practitioners, both in the field of Safety, Risk and Production always understand the enormity and complexity of this statement.

It is a widely accepted phenomenon in the field of Risk and Safety Management that an improvement in Safety results involves more than just changing the behavior and attitudes of the people at the ‘sharp end’ of the equation, i.e. the worker levels, but requires critical involvement of management to ensure sustainable ‘’Organizational Behaviour Modification”

Although scientists in this field all emphasizes the crucial role of trust, behavior and attitude in managing Safety, they are also underlying the crucial role that systems play in moving forward.

In essence, this course acknowledges and supports the philosophy that Safety Improvement is a journey, rather than a set of loose ‘initiatives’ with a typical ‘flavour of the month’ approach. This journey has some specific milestones and enables on the critical path of sustainable improvement. It is about moving from basic systems and processes to a level of resilience, where Safety becomes a way of life.

Course Objectives

The contents dealt with in this course/workshop is to ensure a better understanding of not only identifying the issues at hand (a typical academic perspective), but to also illustrate practically how the science can be effective where it matters – in the front line

Target Audience

The target population for this course/workshop is typical senior managers and senior safety/Risk managers/ professionals who are or will be involved in managing safety/risk in their areas of responsibility.

Course Content

The contents is divided in to four (4) sections:

  • Organisational and Safety Culture – Its components, its value and application in Safety and Risk Management
  • The role of Safety Leadership as a vehicle for sustainable improvements, their roles, their understanding and their application
  • Risk Management as a vehicle for effective culture change, the principles, implementation, application and sustainability
  • Behaviour Modification as a vehicle for effective culture change, the principles, implementation and sustainability
  • Relevant Activities for each section
  • Action Plan – Key points for improvement in Groups – for each section

Duration – 2 Days

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