Internal Auditors


The monitoring of Management Systems seems to change with every day that passes. So how do you keep pace? This three-day residential course trains auditors in auditing methodologies and gives them the skills they need to ensure they keep up with current thinking on best practice.

Course Objectives

Conduct an internal audit of a Management System
Follow through complex audit trails and identify discrepancies
Report and propose corrective action

Target Audience

Personnel taking on internal auditor responsibilities
Auditors or other manager now looking to address a Management System

Course Contents

This course includes a high level of interactivity during presentations on:

  • Requirements of Management System;
  • Interviewing styles;
  • Use of audit protocols;
  • Compliance verification strategies;
  • Case studies of current best practice;
  • Managing the on-site auditing process as team leader.

Duration – 3 – 5 Days

Pre-Requisite – None

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