Enterprise Risk Management


The biggest flaw in most traditional management systems is that they, through the use of predetermined system elements and components, ASSUME the risk in your business, instead of determining the risk unique to your type of business, your environment, your people and your industry. We at Expectra believe we have established a simple, yet powerful process whereby the critical few risks are identified, measured and managed to immediately reduce the number of fatalities and serious incidents in the organisation.

Course Objectives

Delegates will acquire a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Risk Management process and practical applications in developing and implementing a Risk Management program.
  • The requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Specification – 18002 Implementing Guideline and planning for HIRAC.
  • Steps in developing a Fatal Risk Management process.
  • Managing Contractor requirements and implementation.
  • Auditing techniques for ERM compatible with OHSAS 18001 and ISO 19011

Course Content

  • Risk management requirements, overview and process
  • Planning for HIRAC
  • Legal and other requirements
  • Emergency preparedness and response (BCM and ISO 27001)
  • Accidents, incidents, non conformance and corrective and preventative action
  • Steps in developing a Fatal risk Management Process (ERM – Process)
  • Managing Contractor requirements and Implementation
  • Steps in the auditing process
  • ISO 19011 – Guidelines for quality and/or environmental managements systems auditing
  • Develop a framework for FRM and evaluating compliance
  • Conditions for success
  • Management principals for successful implementation

Aimed NQF Level – NQF Level: 4

  • Health & Safety Managers, Line managers
  • Risk Managers and Control officers
  • Auditors, Engineers, Contractors
  • Superintendents and Supervisors
  • Safety Officers and Full time SHE Representatives
  • Staff responsible for implementing & auditing OHSAS 18001 & FRM standards

Duration – 5 Days

Prerequisite – None

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