Lead Auditor 9001:2000 – International Register of Certified Auditors Accredited (5 Days)

ISO 9000:2000 Series Auditor / Lead Auditor

Course Description

The caliber of your lead auditor is crucial to the performance of your audit team, and ultimately to success of your management system.  This comprehensive five-day course provides hands-on training to ensure that your lead auditor thoroughly understands the role and acquires the expertise he/she needs to perform it effectively.  Delegates completing the course will be presented with IRCA / IATCA’s independently accredited certificate for lead auditors.

Who should attend?

Quality professionals with experience in implementation and auditing of quality management systems.

Benefits to your Business?

The knowledge that your management systems are being effectively audited.
The ability to do third party audits of your supply chain

Course Structure?

Topics include:

  • Introduction to quality
  • ISO 9000 and ISO 19011 quality assurance and quality control
  • Planning an audit
  • The purpose of the Quality Manual
  • The role of the checklists
  • Organizing an opening meeting
  • Recording non-conformities
  • Auditing reports
  • Evaluating corrective action
  • Continuing assessment

Duration 5 Days

*This course will be presented by one of our alliance certification body and is registered by the governing board of the IQA – International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA) and meets the training requirements of those seeking registration as a lead auditor under that scheme.  It also meets the training requirements for IATCA auditor certification.

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