Driver Training

We do training on the following vehicles

  • CODE 8
  • CODE 10
  • CODE 14
  • Taxis
  • Passenger Bus
  • 4 x 4 Vehicle Training
  • Motor cycles
  • 3-wheeler
  • Assessments
  • LSTPME (load securement)
  • Anti-hijacking
  • Basic Driving Skills
  • Cone Course

Driver Assessment


To evaluate the driving skills of a licensed vehicle driver in order to determine if the driver meets the K53 standard and to recommend if K53 or advanced driving skills should be done.


Practical driving evaluation using the HSRC standard.

Duration: 1 Day (Based on 8 Drivers per Instructor)

Target Population:

All employees driving company vehicles.

Basic Driving Skills (K53)


To bring the driver up to the standard of K53.  Use of clutch and brake


K53 Practical driving skills and theory on Road signs, rules and intersections.

Duration:5 Day (Based on 5 Drivers per Instructor)

Target Population: Drivers that do not meet or have the K53 standard.

Advanced Driving Skills


To improve the driving skills of all licensed light and heavy duty vehicle drivers who already mastered the K53 standard.

Content: Advanced Driving Skills

Duration: 2 Days (Based on 5 Drivers per Instructor)

Target Population: All drivers of company vehicles that is conversant with the K53 skills.

LSTPME – Load securement course


To load, securing, transportation, placing of material and equipment.


  • General Safety
  • Legislation Road traffic Act
  • Lifting equipment
  • Load distribution
  • Rigging & Slinging
  • Transportation
  • Safe Operating procedures
  • Lashing equipment / methods

Duration: 5 Days (Based on 5 Learners per Instructor)

Target Population:

This learning programme is designed for heavy-duty drivers and will be    adapted to the knowledge and skills of loading, securing, transporting and placement of Material / equipment.

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