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Expectra 2004 (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic organisation who is one of the industry leaders in Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Risk Management.  Expectra offers Consultancy, SHEQ Training and System Implementation in numerous industry types.

Expectra 2004 (Pty) Ltd
aligned itself with a prominent tertiary institution USB-Executive Development Ltd (USB-ED) to deliver credible Safety Risk Management programs at Strategic, Tactical and Operational level within the context of Expectra OBM™.

Organisational Behaviour Modification (OBM) is one of the most powerful tools universally used to change behaviour at individual, group or organisational level. It is also used to address the on-going incidents and accidents in mining and other high risk industries. We need to reach Zero-Harm and we believe Expectra OBM™ is the way to go.

Expectra OBM™ is based on the principle that sustainable safety requires deeper dedication to safety goals by Organisational Leadership, Integrated Risk Management, more fluid Communication systems in organisations and Cultural transformation to promote greater participation at all levels. Expectra OBM™ is not simply a safety imperative but essential to business excellence.  Safety, in fact, should be a normal part of the business.

Expectra OBM™ implies continuous and integrated action for enhanced safety. This reflects the organic unity of Leadership, Risk, Communications and Culture in any organisation.

Illustrated below is the Expectra OBM™ implementation graph: