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Expectra 2004 (Pty) Ltd has managed to establish itself as one of the thought leaders in Safety and Risk Management Services. Expectra 2004 (Pty) Ltd combines academic and practical competence, blended with the objectivity and impartiality expected from a highly professional service. Members of our consulting team have practical experience in industrial management and risk control roles. Our consultants have tertiary or other relevant qualifications enabling us to provide appropriate advice and solutions in a broad range of occupational risk management disciplines.

Consulting and Auditing Services include Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, ISO 9001; 2000 Quality Management Systems, TS 16949, Fatal Risk Management (FRM), Legal Compliance Audits & Inspections on both the OHSACT & MHSA and Risk Based Safety Systems and Related Software


Training products and services cover all the industry sectors, and although it includes off the shelf products, due to popular client demand, customization of training courses, seminars and workshops has become one of our unique strengths.  Expectra is committed to providing the highest standard of training in the fields of Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental and quality risk management.

Software specialists and associations ensure that where applicable, the required IT tools and products are supported by in-house software specialists, which also enables on-site customization. Current software products include Risk Assessments (Baseline and Issue based – Safety, Health and Environment), Route Cause Analysis, Incident Management, Action Manager, Integrated Management Systems Software and Contractor Management Kits. All these modules are marketed as the NET-Tools Brand.


Specialized products and services include certification services, business improvement and development, management of change, fatal risk management and behavior interventions.  Areas such as feasibility studies and other mining specific disciplines such as ventilation and rock engineering are also offered through our associations and partnerships.  Contractor management strategies through custom designed programs are also in high demand from Expectra.

Expectra 2004 (Pty) Ltd
aligned itself with a prominent tertiary institution USB-Executive Development Ltd (USB-ED) to deliver credible Safety Risk Management programs at Strategic, Tactical and Operational level within the context of Expectra OBM™.

Organisational Behaviour Modification (OBM) is one of the most powerful tools universally used to change behaviour at individual, group or organisational level. It is also used to address the on-going incidents and accidents in mining and other high risk industries. We need to reach Zero-Harm and we believe Expectra OBM™ is the way to go.

Expectra OBM™ is based on the principle that sustainable safety requires deeper dedication to safety goals by Organisational Leadership, Integrated Risk Management, more fluid Communication systems in organisations and Cultural transformation to promote greater participation at all levels. Expectra OBM™ is not simply a safety imperative but essential to business excellence.  Safety, in fact, should be a normal part of the business.

Expectra OBM™ implies continuous and integrated action for enhanced safety. This reflects the organic unity of Leadership, Risk, Communications and Culture in any organisation.

Illustrated below is the Expectra OBM™ implementation graph: